Hand made fans always...Because retention matters!


Price List

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New Clients Infills

Due to the unknown nature of other lash artists' work, new client infills require a full set.  A complimentary removal is included.

Prices are subject to change at anytime


Full Set $125

1:1 individual lash extension to a natural lash, no lash count.  No need for mascara again!

2 wk Fill $60      

3 wk Fill $70


Full Set $160

A blend of classic and volume extensions, creating a playful look.  Best of both worlds!

2 wk Fill $75

3 wk Fill $85

Russian Volume

Full Set $190

5+D lightweight, handmade fans per natural lash.  Ideal for sparse natural lash line.

2 wk Fill $85

3 wk Fill $95

Mega Volume

Full Set $235

6-15D lightweight, handmade synthetic lash fan to one

natural lash. A dramatic look

2 wk Fill $100

3 wk Fill $115