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Eyebrow Wax

Brow Shaping & Lamination

Brow Shaping

$25 Waxing

$35 Tweezing only

+ $20 Add Henna or tint

Coached by Damone Roberts' Archisan and adhering to Damone Roberts of Beverly Hills brow shaping method to find your perfect arch!

Brow Lamination & Tint

$75 Lamination

+$20 Add tint

+$20 Add wax shape


Eyebrow lamination is for the one with unruly natural brows that desire more uniform uplifted brow look.  Tint used in the studio is FDA Approved for lashes and brows.  This tint will last up to four weeks on the hair.

Brow styling includes:

Trim, wax, tweeze, eyebrow pencil definition, highlight & gel.


FDA approved tint is used in the studio.

Brow Henna or Tint

$40 Henna or Tint only

Henna is a natural product that has been used on brows for centuries.  Henna stains your skin up to 10 days and coats your brow hair for up to 6 wks.  The tint used in the studio is FDA Approved for brows and it will last up to 4 wks.

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